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>> efren valdemoro i cannot believe how summit of done something like best. >> new pictures of the suspect, the girlfriend, and what investigators found the bodies of two different victims. >> this label was depleted uranium. >> at 5:00 p.m., 3. ericka mideast in the middle of it, efren valdemoro is suspected of four different murders. the first was discovered last night of 73 year-old ricardo sales the body of a son, frederick is still missing. and this woman was stranded to death. and yesterday morning, these two women's bodies were found in vallejo. and heather donald shows us how all of these people are connected. >> after efren valdemoro have been taking cindy on to offer two different years if she owned and rented this house. where the sales live and efren valdemoro was inspecting a relationship between frederick. and his body was found beaten in the house. now, read these two women, carole and reebok. those wer tuesday afternoon-we talked. and one police theory is that the police were killed off efren valdemoro because they have been telling cindy to leave him. efren
is this man. 30 year-old efren valdemoro and he is suspected of four different markers--38. and on friday, ricardo salas body was found and his son, frederick is still missing. and on tuesday night, cindy tran was strangled. and efren valdemoro was shot, killed by chp. yesterday morning, these two women were discovered in vallejo. we have team coverage on these multiple murders. christine connolly is live and hercules with the latest and let us begin with dan kerman. in vallejo, with the two women's bodies were discovered. dan? >> pam, this is a quiet community and this cul-de-sac. let me show you that you would not necessarily know that anything went on. and as look at the house #110. that is for these two bodies were found very badly composed. one is rita allen and karen smart autopsies are taking place and they will hope some indication of when and how they died. right now, the investigation is on to different people. one is off to efren valdemoro as it inspected and chuarels rittenhouse who was married to one of the woman. and right now, they do not know the connection and the difficu
decomposed on tuesday. police are looking at two different people and of course efren valdemoro is expected in other murders and of course charles rittenhouse live here and was married to one of the dead woman. and with complications of what is going on. >> it is not that it is bizarre as complicated. it is a puzzle that we're trying to put together. now, all the pieces are there. >> we can tell you that in addition to the bodies found in this home, they also found a container that was labeled depleted uranium. there is other chemicals which atf is used to make explosives. that is a separate investigation. we do not understand and the police are figuring of what all these chemicals were doing in side of this location. and charles rittenhouse currently under arrest for possession of those and what his role was worded the get those chemicals? and is a connected to those bodies were did he get those chemicals? >> and we do not have those answers, reporting live, in vallejo. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> thank you, stan, and christine connolly is alive and hercules. >> thank you. bill and there a
on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning. so far, police have linked efren valdemoro to two deaths and one missing person. no matter what investigators find here today, their job is very difficult because what they have to do is they have to try to find the body of frederick salas. if he is here, they have to pick through tons of garbage for hours. it is not clear if they have information leading to the missing man believed to be here or if experience tells them where to look. his brother filed a missing person report on frederick and their father six days ago. their father, ricardo salas, was bludgeoned to death that day into a bedroom he rented from a home in hercules belonging to cindy tran. there are more details about a fight that the two had with efren valdemoro. in late august, efren valdemoro filed a police report. the police report claims that the two men beat him up. what happened was that ricardo salas woke up to a letter that he wrote to efren valdemoro. he asked him to stay out of his relationship with cindy tran. he went to confront efren valdemoro immediately. they were asle
, the officers shot and killed this man who they say is the prime suspect. it is 38-year-old efren valdemoro. he tried to evade capture by running into a market in richmond where he was shot and killed. just outside that market, police discovered the body of his girlfriend inside his car. investigators also believe that efren valdemoro is responsible for the deadly beating of an elderly man in hercules last saturday. that man's son who lived with him is the one who is still missing. he is linked to the death of two women whose bodies were discovered late yesterday inside a home in vallejo. today police arrested the husband of one of those women. our live team coverage of this complex story begins outside the police headquarters. >> reporter: frank, seconders from three different police departments are all meeting to go over this very complex and horrific case. police say that efren valdemoro's girlfriend, 46-year- old cindy tran owned a home on -- late this afternoon, investigators confirmed that it was tran's body they found in the car that efren valdemoro was driving when authorities shot him
to this research continues for the man missing. think more on the altercation between the suspect efren valdemoro and ricardo sales. >> details about the fight between these three men efren valdemoro frederic sallust's and mr. silas the belief riccardo and frederick said it was to attack efren valdemoro them first ricardo confronted efren valdemoro. >> new details about the abuse of relationship between an efren valdemoro cindy tran >> sources tell kron 4 that efren valdemoro girlfriend appeared for her life convinced efren valdemoro was going to kill her. she told hercules police about her feelings and fears are before efren valdemoro travel her to death. >> police released for that day she was on her way to work we had issues that we're looking for the suspect at that time. i'm not sure i can't speculate as far as what was said during those meetings or there were concerns >> for >> she met with hercules place several times. a warrant was issued for efren valdemoro arrest in that case. even though police suspected efren valdemoro killed sallust's a connection was not made that cindy tran life wa
of 38- year-old efren valdemoro after they came to break up a fight. his eyes were red and swollen. investigators say efren valdemoro suffered the injuries at the hands of a father and son, ricardo salas and frederick salas. efren valdemoro told police that he and his girlfriend, cindy tran, were sleeping, when roommate ricardo salas came into the bedroom about a letter ricardo salas had written. frederick salas ran to back up his 73-year-old dad. the arriving officers found efren valdemoro face down and naked with the elder salas sitting on him. the father and son claim that they had to subdue efren valdemoro to keep him from attacking them. five days later, police found the body of ricardo salas in his home. he had been beaten to death. police are still searching for his 35-year-old son, frederick salas. >>> 5:02. a decision today from prosecutors in solano county on whether to file charges in the key figure in the complex murder case. charles rittenhouse may have killed his wife and her friend, according to police. their bodies were found in charles rittenhouse's vallejo home at
with as missing police on the body they found the boy to was killed by efren valdemoro another looking for some sales frederick in efren valdemoro girlfriend house last week both were in an altercation with efren valdemoro galileo to women were found neighbors state police were often called to that house they also say please recall there because of frequent arguments between the two month bill efren valdemoro was no longer allowed near the home. >> he stares at you i don't think he's normal i would be like he was dangerous i did not use this dangerous. from lowly i would always hear her yelling. i would come at any of their end efren valdemoro would say don't worry about her she's crazy. >> we posted the conference yesterday and the latest details on the story at kron 4. >> tracking hurricanes tropical storm warning for long island hurricane watch is posted for massachusetts because of hurricane earl. earl is headed their way this is video of what's going on in miami. category 4 storm we gun increased the 1135 now they are hundred and 45 mi. an hour. tonight or tomorrow for north carolina all t
suspect in this case. efren valdemoro was shot and killed by police. police believe efren valdemoro killed ricardo and frederick sales. rittenhouse said chemists and husband of one of two women who were also believed to been murdered by efren valdemoro is charged with two counts of explosives possessions. stay with kron 4 sa for developing stories. you and get the latest from our web site. >> major-league letter by 75 ceos is the latest push to move the oakland a's to san jose. this is what it may look like when it's completed if it's ever built. the two page letter carries the signatures of execs from yahoo, ebay and cisco just to name a few. silicon valley can deliver corporate support that no other city can match. >> toll bridge commissioners tacked on $300 million to the budget for the new bay bridge suspension plan. that brings the total to nearly $2 billion. the added amount covers extra construction work and other problems that may arise in the complex project. it is scheduled to be completed in late 2013. despite the higher cost the estimate to replace the bay bridge remains unchan
to this man. efren valdemoro he was shot and killed tuesday night after a chase that ended in richmond police believe efren valdemoro was are hercules man. that man's son is missing and a search is under way kron 4 is will tran his life he's been following the investigation. >> the search for frederick sales will begin soon. he's a 35 year-old man he has not been seen since august 26th how he's involved canada's father got into a fight with efren valdemoro we are not exactly sure how the fight started obviously he's still missing for some time he is the only person we have to assume he's that live at this point might be able to answer questions in this complicated case. what they want to do is possibly try to find new evidence in this case hoping this will also tie things together efren valdemoro was dating cindy trend she rented out to rooms to the sales and that's why this is all connected if he is alive that could help the but if he is found dead it will turn attention elsewhere and then it will focus son charles he's a man whose wife was found in their vallejo home >> an autopsy is schedu
him out of the fairfield lockup tonight. but how does the only man alive with links to efren valdemoro and the man who's sources tell cbs 5 lived with the body of her wife and best friend decomposing in his home get his bail reduced. >> the 2 million was based upon the officers. we did not file homicide charges. >> the only charges that the da office has filed now is possession of explosives and making of a destructive device. >> so his presence in the house alone is not sufficient to bring charges of a possible homicide. >> reporter: but we have learned the d a's case is stalled because the bodies were so badly decomposed, competencive forensic testing is needed. so for now, he walks. his attorney is already trying to prove reasonable doubt. >> i don't have anymore information about that than you, there is the very obvious suspect in this case, and i can only suspect that he put the bodies there. >> the attorney says efren valdemoro is the suspects in four murders. she claims that since he's accused of stealing the cadillac, it stands to reason he killed her and her best friend. >> so
they believe that he was blundered to death by efren valdemoro and he is also allegedly responsible for four other murders. and he was killed by c h p last week ever a high-speed chase. the will tran anh was at the landfill, and seventh day. >> and investigators from the hercules police department for another a 11 hour day at the keller canyon land fill to reason why because those workers of the business park reportedly smelled a stench coming from one of these containers. efren valdemoro used to work as a security guard in this business park. and 30 year-old efren valdemoro is accused of killing ricardo sales and they both got into a fight with efren valdemoro and left visible bruises on his face. reporting from the point, will tran, >> and me mall, charles rittenhouse is charged with-- meanwhile, has posted bail. from the 8 $2 million, to $25,000. the possession of explosives. and our continuing coverage will continue on of one of this story. >> and a christian minister i40 cancellehas cancelled this, anda dangerous stunt. it could imperil u.s. troops, abroad and even provoke
are linked to efren valdemoro who was shot tuesday night by chp following a high-speed chase that ended in richmond. this morning to search for frederick sales moves to a bay landfill. he has been missing since last week when he had an altercation with efren valdemoro ricardo his father was involved in the altercation he was found dead. will tran reports this morning on the search >> the research will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the landfill. frederick has not been seen since august 26th he and his father both rented rooms from cindy tran to was efren valdemoro girlfriend begun to fight with efren valdemoro it is unclear who started the fight. they believe fredrick holds the key to the case because at this point he is the only one who might still be alive to help answer any questions. if he is found at this land fell it will make it that much more difficult to connect the dots will tran kron 4 news. >> autopsies are underway for the two women the bodies of those women found in if the whole life fell tomorrow often stated that home meanwhile the house and is set to appear in court today on exp
of the east bay. police say efren valdemoro is connected to two murders and the disappearance of three other people. police shot and killed efren valdemoro in richmond, but there are these five different crime scenes. we've got team coverage of what investigators know so far. kris sanchez is outside the ranch 99 market in richmond where the suspect was found. but first, christie smith live in vallejo. christie, the story is literally changing by the minute. >> reporter: yeah. you know, every time we check into it, it just gets a little bit more bizarre. let me start by saying the latest turn of events happened when they went inside of the home of one of the missing women, and that led to the evacuation of this entire cud e cul-de-sac you see here behind me. at least five families are out of their homes this morning, because investigators told me they made the startling discovery of explosive-making materials inside the home, including materials labeled "composition c-4," blasting caps, and hundreds of bottles of what they described as unknown chemicals. again, for that reason, five homes he
police are trying to figure out how all the victims are related to the key suspect efren valdemoro. this shopping center appears to be central to all this. inside the safeway is a wells fargo bank and that's where homicide victim worked as a security guard. became roommates with valdemoro's girlfriend who if we pan just a few doors down you can see the salon and spa that is where cindy worked as a hair stylist. valdemoro was a client there and that's how they met a couple years ago. employees at that salon watched this drama unfold through tran's eyes. sales was killed in hercules at the home where he rented rooms. now tran also lived there with her four sons and co-workers say police had come by the salon to ask questions. and they say tran was scared. >> she did say she was a little afraid and she was fearful. she wanted to take the boys and just leave. that's when we offered our home to her. i offered my home to her. but that was the last time we seen her. >> reporter: co-workers also expressed fear for tran's safety and expressed distrust of valdemoro. this morning we are heari
and alan and kong's march their bodies are found on tuesday in allen's home. efren valdemoro often stated the home where the bodies were found. allen has been to, was arrested and charged not for the murders buffering chemicals to make explosives. authorities do not know how he is connected to the murders been settled. we spoke to some neighbors is a police often called the the house where efren valdemoro stayed sometimes they say recalled because of frequent arguments between efren valdemoro and allen and then about a month ago here's girl led to be the moment although he was spotted a few times during around the neighborhood. >> i don't think is normal. he's there's a you crazy iris and b. leakey dangers of a dinner news this dangers. the lady writer was here her yelling. so i've come out. i'd be up there and efren valdemoro what did your research is crazy. >> efren valdemoro girlfriend is sydney changi is found dead in his car on tuesday night. she words of the salon in vallejo. earlier this morning to see someone brought flowers to the salon. it will be closed for a least a couple of
for a possible fifth victim in a string of murders. the chp shot and killed efren valdemoro he is going to to the death of his girlfriend, to other women and an elderly man. the sun is also missing. frederick sales has been missing for one week. and friday, they searched a landfill looking for the body and with two dozen investigators and others dr tons of trash. and even if there is a chance? it is going to be worth their efforts. >> we are using an excavator to sort the material. and then, a visual search of that and the canine. >> we continue to be hopeful that frederick sales is alive and well. and also continue to follow the lead as they come. >> working crews are expected to stay there for the entire week looking for frederick sales. >> with some of the bodies, it is difficult for investigators to keep track of what exactly happened and when. heather donald will bring us up-to-date on the first body was found. >> the violent tale that ended in richmond on tuesday began five days earlier at his home in hercules. police responded from a flight cindy tran involving efren valdemoro en
. another suspect authorities are looking at the mayor of committed the murders is efren valdemoro you may have remembered he was shot and killed by chp officers his girlfriend was also found dead inside the car. chp officers were pursuing him when they found him. investigators are still trying appeases whole puzzle together to define their to committed the murders and that won't. in vallejo, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> we're also finally this is a continued fall the latest with this case, this morning as the neighbors say police were often called the vallejo house where efren valdemoro lived with reed and alan. they would say he would often be led of those in handcuffs because of the frequent arguments between the two then about a month ago efren valdemoro was a lot daylight to be at home, was spotted a few times during run a neighborhood. >> i don't think is normal, he. steers a you he i'd always gonna be like he is dangerous at a news this dangerous. from the lady i would always hear heard yelling then that would cut most and i would be of their pens efren valdemoro was a door in order
. they did recover a catalyst escalate that was driven by the main suspect in the case efren valdemoro who was later killed by chp. after a chase. efren valdemoro believed killed sales and his father riccardo. meantime charles rittenhouse is out of jail after bell was lowered. he is the husband of one of two other women that were believed to be murdered by efren valdemoro he was charged with two counts of possessing explosives. he posted bail last night. stay with kron 4 has continued to be developments in breaks in the murder investigation and these cases that are connected to it. get the very latest from our web site. >> a letter to major league baseball commissioner by 75 ceos is the latest push to move the oakland a's to san jose. we have video of what may look like if it should be built. it was assembled by the leadership group carry signatures of execs from cisco, yah hoo, ebay. it drives home the point silicon valley can have some corporate support the no other city in the bay area to match. >> oakland firefighters are on the scene of this fire that broke that early this morning it
people are dead and police say they're connected to one man. efren valdemoro. but what led to the rampage is unclear, it may have started with jealousy. >> it's just so sad. she will never get to see her son get married or be a grandmother. you know. shale never get to travel the way she talked about. >> reporter: sandra lee is heart broken and confused. her friend and co-worker, 46-year-old cindy tran, is dead. police say tran's boyfriend, efren valdemoro kidnapped and killed her. tran left her job at dillon's salon in vallejo sunday night, minutes later she called a relative for help. >> she made contact with a relative and advised them that efren had taken her by force. >> reporter: police say pleasant hill police spotted tran's car that night. after a high-speed chase that ended in richmond, chp officers shot and killed efren valdemoro inside a supermarket. tran was dead in the front passenger seat. police says she had severe injuries to her head and neck. lay said tran loved valdemoro but noticed a change in him over recent months. >> the first year or so they started dating, you kno
highway patrol said 38 year-old efren valdemoro strangled his girlfriend's 46 year-old cindy strand to death. police say cindy's book tour boss on the phone around 8:00 p.m. when a high-speed chase just began. they believe she was killed just minutes later. >> received a phone call from our boss checking on her welfare and at the same time is when the beginning of the pursuit started with the pleasantville pd. we believe he strangled her with some type of nylon strap at the very beginning of the pursuit. the chase lasted nearly an hour. one efren valdemoro was shot and killed by chp officers and tram was found dead. >> they'd try to go are the car they saw her body was cold and her face was blue and we don't know what his motive was what caused him to lose all sense of reality and that's really what this came down to. someone was the rage and ended up killing multiple people. were still try to figure out of less than what caused him to act in this manner. >> also connected to this case police and volunteers resumed their search this morning for missing hercules man appeared his body
valdemoro on wednesday. also, if efren valdemoro he worked as a security guard at a business in this park. he seno signs, and about this al prompted search at this landfill. and they're finished four to date and will return at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, but this will take several days. reporting live in pittsburgh, christine connolly, kron full details downtown santa cruz d visitors are seeing before it security guards but they're not police officers they're testing a new program using private security guards. to integrate with the police patrol. >> they're walking the streets, to beef up security. and the hopes that the big currency and violence will be curbed by this private security guards. it will supplement the regular police patrols and a one month long pilot program. it is $5,000 and be funded by the police department until more regular offices can be hired. it is part of an idea to find creative, less expensive to beef up security. >> it is nice to have been down here in case something happens. it is nice to know if they are round if we have any problems working contact some
in hercules ricardo sales over one week ago. and he had been allegedly killed by efren valdemoro who is responsible for its least four killings. he was killed by c h p with a high- speed chase to tonight, and christine connolly is live in pittsburgh. >> they are searching a massive land fell beyond these hills, over 3,000 t of trash. meticulous, tedious, let me show you what they're doing. they are showing the and searching at the keller canyon on bailey rode. there are about 20 volunteers, to sift through 1 a. of trash. hercules police are hopeful they will find something, take a listen. >> they're hopeful, and determined to taand to get to te last piece of debris. they will stay with it until we're done. >> it is very meticulous, the piece of debris is picked up by the excavator and put into a clean machine with a volunteer will go through it, mentally, piece by piece. >> this contains trash from the north shore business park is where a long white cadillac escalade efren valdemoro was discovered on saturday and also worked at a security guard. a thorough search provided no sead fre
ricardo sales and they were bludgeoned by efren valdemoro and investigators think that efren valdemoro is responsible for four different killings. this research will continue for the next several days with the 3,000 t of trash. christine connolly. >> and continuing climb in hercules by this home that was owned by cindy cindy tran and one of the neighbors that this tragedy has brought this quiet neighborhood closer together. people that did not say hello or speak to each other stop and speak about what occurred and ask each other if everything is okay. in other neighbors of the wife refuses to walk her dog because she does not like looking at the house and the thinking of what happened inside of it. in hercules, kron 4 news. >> and another stretch of concrete will be a car pulling the chick even driv a solo by late september. and the alameda, with five-$6 using a fast track. this will be and 5:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. m-out. 80 mi., 3 entry points, and that also at mission boulevard,-80 mi., fremon a 18 >> temperatures in the 80s, once this fog burned off. by 2:00 p.m., you can see this area o
valdemoro was discovered on wednesday. and also efren valdemoro he worked at a security guard at a business park in new the area well. a search of this business provided no clues but the trash already been removed. if this does not pan out? investigators will not give up part >> if they do not find anything there will continue to work with the family, friends. and solicit information from the community. >> and this inf search of a bill could go for several days, testicle to every piece of trash and they went back to the hercules netflithey want t the neighborhood. >> and i am thinking that that perhaps frederick sales is still alive. or is he dead already? >> to me, my presumption is that if he is alive he would of showed up, already. however, it seems that sense that he is still missing, maybe he was killed, first. and then he was dumped, somewhere else. just going over there makes you feel a little bit nervous. because, we can recall what happened and wondering why this happened. >> neighbors say that it is difficult to walk by that house. they think of what has occurred there and hopeful
28. police also believe that efren valdemoro killed both frederick sales and his father. police started searching the land fill on friday. stay with kron 4 news as the case continues to develop. our continuing coverage is also online, head to >>> it was cool out there today, as we head into tomorrow we will see warmer temperatures on the way. tonight we are expecting some low clouds. that will start to clear by the afternoon. temperatures warming just a little bit. inland getting back up into the upper 70s. details on that coming up in a few minutes. >>> police are looking for a person who is setting vehicles and dumpsters on fire. they have a sketch of a person of interest. police say there have been 15 different fires reported since may. those who live in the area are nervous not knowing when the arsnist will strike. >> we would like the individual who is causing the individuals to be caught, everybody will feel safer. >> makes me nervous. where it happens is next to the garage i park. if it had gone further than my car then my husband's truck [ñindiscernibleñ]
was beaten to death by efren valdemoro. according to police, all three men shared a home in hercules with cindy tran. she owned the home and was apparently valdemoro's girlfriend. police say the three men got physical over tran because valdemoro believed that something romantic was going on behind his back. efren valdemoro was shot and killed by chp after police say he killed his girlfriend, also grabbed a cleaver in richmond and started making threats. in all now in this bizarre story, four people tied to valdemoro are dead, ricardo sales, the father, two other women found dead in a vallejo home this week, also cindy tran from hercules, plus valdemoro himself. at about 9:00 this morning, we're told hercules police will assemble here. they also put out a call to other bay area law enforcement agencies to come out here and assemble and help them. the search is expected to begin at the landfill at 9:30 this morning. reporting live in pittsburg, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> all right. thanks for sorting it out for us. >>> more pictures of valdemoro a week before his death. poli
at the center is efren valdemoro and his girlfriend cindy tran. according to documents she lived with efren valdemoro in this vallejo apartment complex until a few months ago when both were evicted. neighbors say valdemoro often acted strangely but most didn't notice major problems. >> it's really gory. what i knew of him, i would never have thought that. it really comes as a surprise. >> reporter: the two split up. cindy tran moved to hercules, while valdemoro rented a room on upland court with segundia allen and her husband. neighbors say valdemoro was increasingly in the center of loud arguments in the front yard. >> it would be just fights and then always be a cop here every day. >> reporter: last week, segundia allen as well as her friend marcia smart were missing. police named valdemoro as i a suspect in their disappearance. now it turns out both missing women were murdered. police discovered their bodies yesterday of morning when they went to talk to the husband about his missing wife. when he opened his door, the stench was overpowering according to investigators who believe he had
the garbage in the north shore business park. of this release is the main suspect efren valdemoro part to car given driving more people turn of the house today the shares search and rescue k-9 unit has been assisting in the search stayed home. >> the dog is not what this day there were many orders there were emanating from the debris of their a kabila and more difficult for the dog than we anticipated. hot, work for the volunteer showing up to date were hoping that their efforts for ride some relief for the keyboard over details >> frieds and cover to the family. and the people that were affected by this attrition. >> as i search continues and prosecutors for further case against efren valdemoro we will continue to cover the multiple murders. you can follow the story here on or kron4. new details and the chp on this labor day. it seems the more people have been drinking and driving this holiday weekend in paris last year chp 667 drivers have been arrested since 6:00 p.m. friday and just the morning. just in the bay area alone statewide 999. that is 67 more than last year. eight
again that efren valdemoro till both sales and his father. investigators started searching after they recovered a cadillac escalate at a business park and hercules on friday. it is to run by efren valdemorowas to reviven valdemoro. we're going to take a break, were headlines straight ahead. let's go inside to in a live look this morning again of the james lick freeway traffic is moving well not nearly as much fog, the drizzle is nothing but a memory as it headed this thursday morning. we will be @ prt back. and we're back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today a cool 78 is all it will get inland. on the upper 60s around the bay low 60s that the coast, warming up a little bit as it headed to friday. still in the '80s we should be in the '90s. low seventies around the bay, low 60's at the crows. hold that pattern cooling enough of it more as an added the next week. again of the unseasonably cool temperatures. following the lead as wild fires, colorado for people are missing and the fire at last check was only 10 percent contained. you can see one of the homes there was
father was found dead last weekend and is hercules all. sales may have been killed by efren valdemoro is that the man at the center of this case he may be responsible for five killings. he was killed by police officers last week by the police after a high-speed chase. >> trucks continue to roll into the landfill at a point as hercules police spend their second day searching for frederick's sales who has been missing since the body of his father was discovered in their home >> we continue to search for frederick he is not been seen since saturday. >> the death of frederick father and three others have been efren valdemoro contributed it was killed by police. the trash pickup came too early. >> north shore is key because efren valdemoro the vehicle he was last seen driving the cadillac escalate was found in the north shore parking lot he was a former employe and lastly the resident is in close proximity. >> the search of landfill has been joined by cadaver dog. >> the excavator scoops out debris volunteers spread out the cadaver dog goes through that schoolbook debris and move on. >> 15
ago. please believe ricardo sales was bludgeoned to death by efren valdemoro and made responsible for as many as four killings. efren valdemoro was killed by chp officers it through high speed chase last week. christine conley is live and to its board. >> no close down today the search of the landfill is over with chris will be back at 80 and tomorrow in the biggest clue they found so far a piece of letterhead that had hercules' address on it so they know their surging in the right to address. this is a massive landfill there searching through about 1 a. of trashed looking through. lets roll some video and walk you through the search and rescue operation. this is where they're searching and pittsburg it's the keller canyon landfill they've been out here for five days they're going through 3,000 t of trash here at the landfill. hercules police said the volunteers will give up until they go through each piece of trash. >> they are determined, they're all in good spirits they want to help the family they want to provide answers to that family on the whereabouts of frederick. >> crews
this, suspect efren valdemoro once worked at a hercules business park where one of the victim's cars was found. the home where the victims stayed is also nearby that business park, and trash from the business park ends up at this business mark. this weekend dozens of people came out to a vigil for all the victims. >> we are not here to judge people for what they have done. >> reporter: valdemoro was shot and killed by the chp. investigators have said they believe that jealously may have played a role in the killings. but cindy tran's family believes the talk of any love triangle is untrue because she had broken off the relationship. the search resumes this morning at 8:00 a.m. reporting live near pittsburg, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. >>> there is also a memorial fund set up for the sons of cindy tran, and if you'd like to contribute you can go to any wells fargo bank and just mention the cindy tran memorial fund. >> joran van der sloot said he tried to extort money from natalee holloway's parents to make their life tough for five years. van der sloot c
of killing of 34-year-old ricardo sales. they say efren valdemoro was a houseguest here in the home of one of the women listed as missing, and another missing, carol smart, and segundia allen, also known as rita. we're told that one of the women's husbands who lived in the home was also taken into custody late yesterday, because at this point they're just not sure exactly who did what. and they say that the scene inside the home is so startling and there's so much involved here, they're still trying to piece together themselves. that investigator is still here, so we'll check in with him and get more information and check back in 30 minutes. live in vallejo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> at least five people could be tied to the suspect, either dead or missing. and we continue our coverage now with nbc bay area's kris sanchez. she's live near richmond, where police there are looking for key pieces of evidence. kris? >> reporter: good morning, brent. this is still a very active, live investigation scene. this is where the suspect was shot dead by chp officers after failing to drop h
and rescue because the fun of white cadillac as the land that belonged to efren valdemoro fifth the found--and also, that is what brought them to this confirmed land fill. the hercules police department ride today have been surging as for the past seven days here. extremely thorough search of that with the trash taken from a business park. a real big surprise today, pam. >> and the recovery of the pittsburgh landfill and have not found anything in. that would support this case so far. >> and so shocking is that this has been so long. with seven days, they've been extremely thorough, with 3,000 t of trash. >> and stay with kron 4 as the multiple murders case continues to develop. over coverage continues online ♪ >> also, developing out of san rafael. a employee accused embezzling thousands of dollars, and jonathan blum has the latest details. it jonathan? >> police in some of will, a result of a week's long investigation to the rest. right. the son of a police department that a 34 year-old jason brewer will rest charged with embezzlement, using the company credit card. for
were discovered after his home. efren valdemoro is a likely suspect in the two women's death. but valdemoro told authorities he had suspicions about two other people as well -- writtenhouse told authorities he had suspicions about two other people as well. >> it was people who had been living at his home. one of this couple made a threat against mr. writtenhouse's wife. >>> when asked about why her client waded five days to report his wife missing, leslie prince said it was not uncommon for them to go days without cross paths because of their work schedules. you'll find more information about written house connection with efren valdemoro and what may have led to those kills, go to >>> a boat full of people including children are safe this evening after being stuck on sasoon bay overnight. the boat ran out of gas and got caught up in some rocks. the coast guard tried to help the boat overnight but water was too shallow. that boat remained on the scene until a shallow boat arrived and rescued the passengers. >>> 63-year-old frank gomes told investigators that he suffe
is here investigating. this accused killer efren valdemoro is now dead. he was killed by officers last night after a high-speed chase ended in the shopping center parking lot in richmond. his girlfriend was found dead in the car. valdemoro was already wanted in connection with the killing of an elderly man at this home in hercules. that man's son frederick sales has been missing since his father was found murdered and is feared to be a victim as well. valdemoro was a frequent guest at this home in vallejo, the home where two women were found dead late yesterday where massive amounts of explosive from c4 to dynamite were found. these two women are associated with the home. they may be the dead women in the house. >> it's hard to tell what happened. >> reporter: allen as husband has been living there the whole time. >> at this point, he is going to be charged with the explosives. as far as connection with bodies inside, the possible homicide, we're still trying to connected the dots. >> reporter: police are looking at the possibility that efren valdemoro was involved in the killings. thi
tambien vivia efren valdemoro quien ha sido asociado a la desaparicion de las mujeres....valdemoro fue baleado y muerto anoche por las autoridades en este mercado de richmond, despues de una persecusion a alta velocidad, que en momentos supero las cien millas por hora....valdemoro era buscado por la policia por otro crimen.... se habia emitido una orden de arresto en su contra por la muerte a golpes de ricardo sales de 73 anos en hercules, el pasado fin de semana....el hijo de este hombre, frederick sales actualmente esta desaparecido.....anoche, las autoridades despues de balear a valdemoro quien tenia un cuchillo, encontraron en su carro el cuerpo de su novia estrangulado.nada de esto tiene sentido para algunos vecinos de vallejo que dicen haber conocido a efren valdemoro como alguien amable amable siempre a comprar cerveza a mi hermano, y el y mi hermano siempre estaban tomando y siempre estaba en su carro y haciamos donuts ahi otros vecinos en cambio lo que recuerdan es verlo involucrado en varias discusiones con una mujer en esta casa, al punto en que en algunas ocasiones llego l
was bludgeoned to death by efren valdemoro call me irresponsible for as many as four deaths. he was killed by a chp officers during a high-speed chase last week. >> are just moments ago i talked to her to leave police department and they say the search is over with for today. they have found no clothes and now they think they could even be out here to possibly friday there looking for massive landfill which is over in the east hills here in pittsburgh and they're going through 1 a. worth of trash. let's roll some video and walking through what they're doing great >> now this landfill is the biggest lead hercules police have in the search for a 35 year-old frederick salisbury it's been almost two weeks since sales was last seen alive in this hercules home. just days before father was killed for five days search and rescue crews most of them volunteers, have been carefully and meticulously sifting through the trash here at the keller canyon landfill. >> are determined in their all in good spirits they want to help the family a want to provide answers. >> her to these police ended up with thi
of the deadly rampage. efren valdemoro is suspected of killing ricardo salas and frederick salas. >>> a judge in solano county is reducing the bail for the man linked in the ricardo salas case from $35,000 to $25,000. that was after the prosecutors agreed to a written request to reduce charles rittenhouse bail. he is charged with producing explosives. bomb-making material was found at his home last week. charles rittenhouse has not been charged in the deaths. efren valdemoro was an acquaintance of the two women. investigators are trying to determine if he is linked to their deaths. >>> in vallejo, school officials say a 17-year-old high school student believed responsible for stabbing another teen on campus is now in police custody. the stabbing happened early yesterday before classes at hogan high school on rosewood avenue in a dispute over $3. the principal said it happened over the security supervisor. one teen approached the other outside a classroom and demanded money. an argument over $3 followed and things got violent. the victim suffered cuts on his face and neck. >> there is nothing
. area of where north shore trash gets down to. that's the same efren valdemoro used to work as a security guard. somebody smelled the stench coming from a trash container efren valdemoro allegedly might of dumped his body. pleas of not commenting on this possible scenario but they've been here for three days with this being the fourth day. obviously it's an ankle that they are checking out. efren valdemoro is accused of killing frederick father ricardo a few days before that riccardo and frederick got into an altercation left bruises on his face. reporting from the point kron 4 news. >> please believe that efren valdemoro is responsible for that murder and possibly four other murders. efren valdemoro girlfriend it to women and vallejo and the older man the father of the missing man carried efren valdemoro was shot and killed by chp police officers last tuesday in richmond. as the story continues to unfold in we get more details and the charges are racking up in their court action there's a lot to follow with the story jury will continue to kron 4 you can also get the very la
and they rented it from the girlfriend of 38-year-old efren valdemoro. valdemoro was killed by police tuesday, august 31, during a chase through richmond. and the body of his girlfriend was inside his car. the day before august 30, the bodies of two women were found in a vallejo home where valdemoro had lived off and on. and two days before that, august 28, the body of a man was found in the home he rented from efren. anne makovec has more. >> reporter: unfortunately, no sign of the missing man. but in some ways, fortunately, because authorities are still holding out some level of hope, that frederick sales could be found alive. they will be searching at the dump for another half an hour and plan to come back tomorrow to do the same thing. >> we will do what we need to do until we have all of our answers and we find mr. sales. >> reporter: the dirty job at the keller canyon landfill continues today. two dozen volunteers combing through tons of trash, looking for any sign of the body of 35- year-old frederick sales, missing and feared to have been killed by efren valdemoro who was shot and kil
of a struggle. in contra costa county, i'm sherry hu. >>> efren valdemoro is the man suspected in the disappearance of frederick sales as well as the murder of sales' father. police had been called to break up a fight between those three men back on august 22. it was at the hercules home owned by cindy tran and rented to the saleses. a beaten up valdemoro vowed to press charges. but before legal action was taken, ricardo's body was found and frederick went missing. valdemoro was shot and killed by the chp tuesday night in richmond after a high-speed chase. >>> and police say valdemoro had kidnapped and strangled his ex-girlfriend, cindy tran. tonight in vallejo, family and friends are gathering in front of the salon where tran worked. her clients say that she always talked about her sons. they can't believe that someone would kill her. meantime, vallejo police are working with hercules and richmond authorities to determine whether two other women found dead in a home there are also connected to valdemoro. this afternoon, the husband of one of those victims appeared in court. si
snuck him out but how does the only man alive left with links to efren valdemoro and sources say lived with the body of his wife and best friend decomposing in his home get bail reduced from $2 million to $25,000. >> the 2 million was based upon the declaration of the officers indicating they were investigating his involvement in a homocide, they did not file homocide charges. >> reporter: the only charges the is a lab oh da's office can hang on him now is possession of explosives and making a destructive device. >> so his presence in the home alone is not sufficient to bring charges of a possible homocide? >> that's correct. >> cbs5 has learned the da's case is stalled because the bodies were so badly decomposed, extensive forensic testing is needed, so for now righten hawes walked and his attorney is already trying to prove reasonable doubt. >> i can only speculate. there's an obvious suspect in this case and i can only speculate that he put the bodies there. >> reporter: attorney leslie prince says efren valdemoro is the suspect in four murders, since he is accused of stealing her e
men were killed by efren valdemoro he was shot and killed by police in richmond following a high-speed chase. efren valdemoro girlfriend cindy strand live in this home with the two men. her body was found in the car that efren valdemoro was driving during the police station. al national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. waiting for the bill to rain this morning. the month of september has been a good one the dow has risen seven of eight trading sessions. the reports this week could be market movers. treasury department discusses deficit. the gaps prices remain flat at the pump. hertz has raised its offer for dollar and thrifty to 1.4 $3 bil
victim of 38-year-old efren valdemoro. police say valdemoro beat sales' father ricardo to death last week and killed three other women. valdemoro was shot to death on tuesday after leading police officers on a high-speed chase. >>> people gathered in hercules last night to remember valdemoro's victims. dozens showed up to honor cindy tran, ricardo sales, segundia allen and marcaito smart. they wanted to use this as a lesson. >> we are not judgmental. we are not here to judge people for what they have done. we're here to promote the peacefulness within our community. >> he loved deeply, and his life was complex for him, and he just cracked. and that doesn't make him a bad person. >> police say valdemoro and tran were romantically linked. trans sons said the two no longer had a relationship and rumor's love triangle were false. >>> a livermore father will be officially charged wednesday with stabbing his son 11 time during a late-night fishing trip this weekend. police say gary gomez took his wife's son and two of his sons friends fishing late on sunday. he reportedly got upset when one of
hercules ends up at that landfill. sales was last seen friday. that's when police believe efren valdemoro killed sales' father ricardo sales. christie smith will have a live report with the latest on this developing investigation coming up. >>> employees of devon salon and spa where valdemoro's girlfriend worked will hold a memorial for her tonight. they will gather to remember tran at 7:00. police say that valdemoro strangled the 46-year-old mother in her car. the memorial will begin at glenn cove shopping center in vallejo. >>> this morning a federal investigation is under way into what caused a plane to crash into a redwood shores lagoon killing three people. kimberly tere is live in redwood city this morning. we understand federal investigators will have a lot of witnesses to talk to. >> reporter: that's right. this happened close to the lunch hour and this lagoon is surrounded by businesses and is very close to the airport. as you can imagine, plenty of people saw this plane go down. it happened about 30 seconds after takeoff. the twin engine beech air raft took o aircraft took off j
charges. stay with ktvu channel 2 as we follow the case of efren valdemoro. you can find more information at >>> time now k 70 -- time now, 7:04, a 6-year-old salinas boy is in critical condition at a bay area hospital after being injured in a gun accident. it happened on his home on santa rita street about 5:00 last night. investigators say the 6-year- old found a shot gun under his parent's bed. his 12-year-old brother tried to take the shot gun away and that's when, according to police, the gun went off. the children were home alone at the time. police are have reportedly recommended that criminal charges be filed against the parents. >>> there will be a funeral today for the 13-year-old oakland by who was shot to death last week as he walked with his brother. police say clark was killed on the street. the noon ral for the 13-year- old begins at noon today at the urban missions bible college on 105th avenue in oakland. if you have any information about the murder of jaman clark, contact police. >>> san leandro police are searching for the -- for the killer of a man shot to de
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